Our offer

Designing performance

From Strategy Consulting to Human Resources Support through System and Complex Projects Engineering, we boost performance.
3 offers to be “understandable” but no cases. If we decide to work together, it will be with a holistic approach and a global solution, but that’s up to you…


Rarity makes
things valuable…

To be performant you need an applicable strategy. Then come the offer and the system to take actions (organization and processes).

AXONE Engineering

Design the energies of tomorrow.

Our clients will always know their systems better than we do. We can address them together in a different way to make them even more efficient thanks to a responsible approach.

AXONE Institute

Design your knowledge and make it a know-how.

Our training engineering includes 27 applied courses in SI, NS, Dependability and ILS, 10 trainers, and a flexible schedule throughout France.