Our commitments

A different approach

One day someone told us: “You take actions, you provide different strategies and in general they work. But what do you do when they don’t?”

We just replied: “Well, we make mistakes and we learn”.

He was quite surprised and that is normal. Indeed, when you work in constraints environments such as nuclear, energy or defence, there is no room for mistakes. That’s why we make mistakes internally and when our studies or solutions go to our clients, they have been checked and they are fully applicable.
We believe that mistakes go with daring.

The more we dare, the more we make mistakes and the more we end up learning. When we dare, we provide more but above all we provide something different.

And to offer something different or to make mistakes, you need a favourable environment where you can dare.

We may not have the best consultants, engineers or doctors at AXONE. But what is certain is that we have a different and open-minded culture based on questioning oneself and others. We agreed on uncertainty to offer the right approaches to control the risks.

Maybe that’s why people think we’re “divergent”.

Our values



« Somehow, I will change. I’m no longer who I was yesterday and tomorrow I won’t be who I am today.”

Assuming this, why not adopting an attitude of accepting whatever comes with a change?


It takes courage to question oneself, to take up challenges and to help the less experienced ones to move forward.

Accepting that others, the younger, different or irritating ones hold a greater or lesser part of the truth in their approaches, is necessary being humble, isn’t it?


Enough with agility! It doesn’t mean anything anymore when used at every opportunity… English words have sometimes more meaning than French ones as it gathers several notions in the same word. We are “Scalable”.

We create space for reassessment, perspicacity, fast reactions and involvement being the main values to meet our goals.


Alone, few things are possible. As we target high challenges, we need to federate, train and support all our employees, clients and partners.

When unconsidered, there is no place for success.