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Our vision of performance

«The real strength of intelligence is not to understand complicated things, but to get rid of what prevents them from being simple.»

There you have it: now you know what we do, we are the architects of simplicity and we want to do it with a divergent thinking.

More seriously, we have decided to help our clients to design their performances with a valuable offer that breaks the mould because we do believe that everything must be operational.

Systems such as organizations, products, industrial facilities or a national energy approach have something in common, they go more and more complex. We won’t rewrite the standards or the regulations but we can at least work on their applications “to the exact need”.

You are wondering “OK, but what are they doing?”.
You need to put us in a box to categorize us but you cannot find any, can you? That’s why we call ourselves “divergent”.

I could tell you that we do Consulting, Engineering and Training so you can put us in 3 well-known boxes. But if I do that, I would agree on making no difference and leave things the way they are.

This is not my ambition. To understand, you have to read on and visit all our websites.
This will never replace a real meeting but I hope you will better understand our vision.

We do not use any standard or method which sounds like a magic formula pronounced by a young magician with a scar on his forehead.

We master all kinds of ISOs whether they start with 9, 15 or 19. We know the reference orders whether they are dated February 7, 2012 or February 15, 2022, inside out. We use several change or creative design strategies but still that’s not really what makes us who we are…

Women and men carrying our know-how do. They embody what we offer to our clients. Our mad skills, our talent synergy and our open-minded approach have built AXONE.
As president, I am just the hand, I have a catalytic role, I am not AXONE, I’m just a function in the system. I’m in the office every day, but I don’t have one on my own. One day I’m in the open space with the engineers, the next in a meeting room or with the Communication Department.

Because my job is to manage.
Our corporate culture and the fact that we question ourselves or pay attention to others’ perspectives allow us to bring value to our clients.
They will always know their systems better than we do. But we have seen many different systems and we would like to share our experience with them.
So, we listen, we make pragmatic proposals and we help our clients to take a step aside so that together we could implement some performance leverage.

So “yes”, we do work in the most constrained contexts or projects. Yes, performance requirements are critical and financial stakes are high. But should we let ourselves be managed by constraints? I don’t think so.
We too often underestimate human capacity to adjust their approaches to reach a goal.
We regularly let ourselves locked into a case and forget to be pragmatic. We are afraid to take risks and to challenge the “habits”. All of this limits performance, constrained environments don’t.

While confronted to complexity, what do we do? We go back to the basics, to the original need and we simplify it. This is what I call “design for the exact need”.
When you have to change an organization or create a complex system, you don’t do it to meet a standard or a regulation, you do it to meet the needs and the rest is just a “requirement”.

Enough said… The important thing to remember is that we are not a traditional Consulting or Engineering company.
We take actions.
Whether we are involved in the reorganization of a department or wearing a helmet to supervise the safety of the work, we are above all “in action”.


Management vision

To manage, you just have to consider others and tell yourself that their perspectives are worth it.


Cool! We can finally put a word on what we have always done.

Human performance

Share what you are, not only what you know.


“One (digital) ring to rule them all…”. We give digital tools to humans to dominate the system and not the other way around.

An overall approach in complex systems

“OK, you support industrial designers but what exactly do you do? It’s quite complicated…!”

Yes, it is, that’s why we made a video 😉

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